STAN, the app that helps road workers get home safely

STAN makes work safer by helping you when you enter and exit a work zone and warns you about dangerous situations while you are on the job. STAN ‘navigates’ you to and through both familiar and unfamiliar work zones and shows you the rules that apply in that work zone, this way making the working environment safer for you and your coworkers.


Serious game

Experience a simulation so you know what to expect

Before a project starts, you experience a simulation in which you get to know the situation at the project site. This allows you to familiarise yourself with the temporary environment of the workspace in advance and to recognise potential safety risks more quickly. In a broader format, this simulation can be used as part of the practical training to get code 95 added to the driver’s license.

Entry Assist

No more uncertainty about where and when you can enter the work zone

By using STAN you put an end to any uncertainty about the performance of your work. STAN offers practical support when entering and leaving a work zone. The app has a navigation tool that, regardless of temporary disruptions on the road network, guides you to the assembly point, work entrance or other relevant project locations.

Reducing the risk of collisions

Create a safer workspace for you and your coworkers

STAN supports you with real-time notifications in the event of immediate safety issues, such as being in the safety zone, or about places where workers are outside the construction vehicle. In addition, STAN shows you the locations where you can safely park your vehicle or where you are not allowed to stop.


Reward yourself with safe behavior

With the use of STAN you ensure that your coworkers also return home safely. And that deserves praise. STAN is equipped with a reward and savings system that encourages safe behavior. You can earn achievements both as an individual and as a team.


Discreet and anonymous

Location data is vital in the event of an emergency. To increase the safety of those present in and around the work zone and to prevent accidents, the STAN app provides the user with up-to-date safety information and safety instructions.For this purpose user data is used on an aggregate level, which means that the data does not include any information about individual users, but only about certain groups and/or disciplines. In other words, STAN handles your sensitive data and location information discreetly.


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